13 Hottest Mugshots of All Time

When you think of mugshots, you certainly don’t think of people smoldering, smirking, or smiling at the camera. But these sexy mugshots prove that, no matter what happens, some people are unfairly photogenic. They might be facing arrest and charges for various reasons, but these people look darn good anyway!

Meagan McCullough

Known as the “Attractive Convict,” Meagan McCullough drove under the influence and got arrested in 2010. Her mugshot became popular a few years later, making it to meme status in a few pretty embarrassing ways. It’s not hard to see why; her magnetic blue eyes and little pout are pretty hard to look away from.

David Byers

This guy is literally a romance novel cover model, so of course his mugshot is sexy. The muscular David Byers is a fitness model from California who was arrested in 2017 for a string of robberies. The police went on a manhunt for a week before they finally caught up with him. Sounds like the scorching plot of a new romance novel, right?

Jeremy Meeks

Speaking of models, Jeremy Meeks got offered a modeling contract because his mugshot was one of the sexiest mugshots of all time. He got arrested and charged with felony gun possession, and the resulting mugshot appeared on the police department Facebook page in 2014. He quickly went viral as “Hot Mugshot Guy,” and Cross Model Management ended up signing him while he was still serving time.

Sarah Furay

Most people don’t smile in mugshots, but Sarah Furay is flashing her pearly whites in hers. In 2015, the 19-year-old got picked up for both possession and delivery of a slew of dangerous drugs, including meth and cocaine. Her girl-next-door appearance earned her the internet nickname “Adorable Drug Kingpin.” Sarah’s story has a funny twist: her dad used to work for the DEA.

Justin Bieber

Think what you will about Justin Bieber’s lifestyle or his music, you have to admit his mugshot is on point. His hair is flawless, and he’s flashing those straight, white teeth for the camera like he’s at a red carpet event. He got arrested in 2014 for a DUI.

Sarah Fowlkes

Science teacher Sarah Fowlkes was arrested for having an affair with a 17-year-old student. She looks like a cross between Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate with that shiny blonde hair and big smile. Her wholesome good looks come with a bit of a heart: apparently, she turned herself in after news of her relationship started to get out.

Paris Hilton

Whatever you may think of Paris Hilton, you can’t deny she takes a great mugshot. The reality star got arrested in 2007, starting a difficult time in her public career. Though reports indicate the stay in jail was traumatic for her, she certainly doesn’t look traumatized in her mugshot. Her hair is flawless, and she’s staring at the camera like she’s about to begin a modeling photoshoot. This wasn’t the only time Hilton posed for a mugshot looking glamorous (we have included two bonus mugshots from other arrests).

Rachel Glenna Fisher

The tousled hair and knowing smirk on Rachel Glenna Fisher’s face in her mugshot is what makes it so appealing. She got arrested during Halloween of 2016 for kicking a clown-faced DJ in the face. Apparently, she was very drunk. She got a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Sexy mugshots are hard to take when you’re drunk, but Rachel hits it out of the park with hers.

David Bowie

The late music icon’s 1976 mugshot is flawless. The singer was arrested for pot possession, but he looks completely unfazed in his mugshot. He stares down the camera with perfect hair, wearing a three-piece suit. He might as well be shooting a music video or an ad for a magazine.

Sarah Seawright

Sarah Seawright was arrested in Arkansas a few years ago for failing to appear in court over a 2014 driving issue. Her mugshot went viral very quickly, and people started calling her “Prison BAE” for her sultry expression and great hair. Look for her several other mugshots, all of which look amazing. She’s also allegedly a fan of the “Prison BAE” thing and has used it on social media.

Sean Kory

In California in 2014, Sean Kory apparently assaulted a reporter at a Halloween party. His mugshot went viral as “Hot Mugshot Guy 2.0” in response to Jeremy Meeks’ fame. It’s not hard to see why. Those sultry eyes and full lips definitely scream “hottie.” Unfortunately for Sean, he didn’t get a modeling contract out of the viral fame, just his mugshot plastered all over the internet.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested six times so far, with mugshots varying from scary to hot. Her best one is from September 2010, when she got arrested for using cocaine during her probation for another crime. She was in jail for a day, then went to rehab. It wasn’t her last mugshot, though, so apparently, LiLo didn’t learn her lesson.

Jim Morrison

The Doors singer Jim Morrison has more than one mugshot. The first one comes from a 1963 arrest that occurred before he grew out his hair or his beard. The way he stares down, away from the camera, gives his chiseled face a devil-may-care look, making this mugshot all the sexier to look at. Morrison got drunk at a Florida State University football game and caused a big ruckus by making fun of the football players. He resisted arrest and managed to steal an officer’s umbrella. Classy, Jim.

Do you think a few of these people look a little too happy to be getting arrested? Some people look great no matter what they’re doing. These mugshots prove that photogenic people look great, even in the bad lighting and dire circumstances of a police station.