5 Best People Search Services | Updated 2019

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There are many reasons to track down people from our pasts: rekindling an old flame, seeking a long-lost relative, or simply reconnecting with a childhood friend. Thanks to the digital age, this process has never been easier or less invasive. Now, finding someone from your past is as simple as clicking a button.

Years ago, your options for reconnecting with someone were limited. It often involved hopelessly trying old phone numbers or leaving a note in a Missed Connections want ad. In extreme cases, private investigators would be enlisted to track people down. These methods were ineffective, costly, and obtrusive. Thankfully, those days are over.

Through the use of online people search services, you can find information on an old friend or classmate with little more than their basic information. These search services go far beyond a standard search engine and open up opportunities to reconnect with people you never thought possible. Below, we review our five favorite people search services. Keep reading to discover our list and the criteria we used to select them.

What is a People Search Service?

A people search service is a general name for a search engine that offers access to personal information of the person you are looking up. Every service is different, but these services typically offer biographical information, property records, and contact information. In some cases, they can offer criminal records and employment histories. If the person you are seeking has a social media presence, it will likely turn up in most people search results.

Our Ranking Criteria

When we compare people search services, we considered a wide range of criteria in selecting our five favorite services. In selecting our favorite, we weighed each piece of criteria equally.

Search Speed

None of us have time to sit around for a slow, agonizing bar to lurch across the screen. Fast search speeds are a critical component of our rankings, as few people have the time or the patience to sit around and wait. For obvious reasons, faster services ranked higher on our list.


The more search options, the better. Our rankings rewarded services that provide a wide array of search choices including search by name, address, property records, or sex offender registry status. We also rewarded services that offered reverse e-mail and phone number lookup.


For obvious reasons, price is a major factor in our decision. There are a lot of search options out there, so services that cost more and offered less did not fare well in the ratings. Realistically, this category is as much about value as it is about the price. We understand that people are willing to pay for a service that delivers as promised.


Search results are not worth much if they are inaccurate. While these results will never be perfect, we considered only search companies with a history of avoiding spammy, low-quality information.

Customer Service

When you pay for a service, you should be treated as if you matter. We rated these companies based on their ability to resolve customer service issues while remaining pleasant in their interactions with the public. Customer service is also about ease of use, which means the websites must be easy to navigate and full of useful information.

Our Top 5 People Search Services for 2019


By far our favorite option is the people search service provided by This search option is an excellent mixture of speed and value. The data available is top-notch. It includes the ability to search using phone numbers, names, e-mail address and social media profiles.

CheckThem also offers searches for a variety of governmental records. Curious who owns the house next door? You can do property searches. Want to know where your new co-worker used to work? There is an employment history search for that. Other options include licensing information, marriage records, and divorce information.

At the entry-level price of $2.99, CheckThem is by far the most inexpensive option we reviewed. Given the depth of the data available, it is a remarkable value given the price. is by far our favorite people search service of 2019.

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified has been available for years. It was a strong contender for the top score due to a strong showing in accuracy and customer service.

BeenVerified boasts more than 1,000,000 previous customers. Each of them had the option of four different searches offered by BeenVerified:

* People Search
* Phone Lookup
* Address Lookup
* E-mail Lookup

While the site offers four ways to search, each query leads to the same pool of data. There is a lot to like about this option: the pricing is reasonable, and the site design is intuitive on PC, mobile, and tablet. After a search, the results are compiled into one simple report that is easy to digest. The search results are fast and require little effort to interpret. Results from the searches are thorough, especially when it comes to criminal background checks.

While we were happy with the service overall, at over $14 per month the price was still notably higher than some other options. While customer service was responsive, the hours their help desk is available is limited. What’s more, there are only two pricing plans available. This lacks the flexibility of other options.

3. PeopleLooker

Another popular option is PeopleLooker. This service is user-friendly, with a UI that is simple to navigate and very intuitive. You can search by name, e-mail, or phone and even filter your results by state. The searches are quick, and reports are easily accessible on PC, mobile, or tablet. The strength of PeopleLooker is its data. With access to a tremendous number of records, the results in these reports are great.

PeopleLooker has some drawbacks, however. The primary issue is the lack of Fair Credit Report Act compliance. What’s more, PeopleLooker has limited customer service available during nights and weekends. It may be difficult to justify spending nearly $15 for a month when you consider the alternatives.

4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the better-known people search services on the market. It has a strong reputation for accurate, up-to-date search results. First launched in 2015, the service advertises more than 9.5 million searches every month.

TruthFinder seems to put a premium on customer experience. They are known for their strong customer service that is available outside of normal business hours. The site’s search speed is extremely fast and gives you access to their accurate search results. This search goes deep into the Dark Web, giving you access to documentation not available through a Google search.

Like all people search services, TruthFinder has a number of drawbacks. Chief among them is the price of a subscription. At nearly $30 per month, TruthFinder is notably more expensive than most of its competitors. There are a number of price tiers available, but that information can be difficult to uncover on their website.

Finally, while TruthFinder strives for strong customer service, the methods you can use to contact them are limited. Significantly, the company does not offer a live chat feature for discussing any issues with technical support.

5. Intelius

Founded in 2003, Intelius is one of the oldest people search services around. The site has a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that makes searching simple. The homepage offers options for searching by a person’s name, phone number, or e-mail address.

Intelius is best known for its consistent, strong search results. After the search compiles, Intelius provides the user with a straightforward, easy-to-read report containing all of the requested information.

Another major benefit of Intelius is its search speed. The results of each search are delivered nearly instantly. Compared to most of its peers, Intelius has one of the fastest search speeds available. The service also offers other helpful perks include anti-identity theft features. The system also allows you to download a single report at a time.

The downside of Intelius includes both an unexpectedly high cost in addition to the inability to save prior reports in order to review them later. There have also been several complaints regarding their pricing and customer support.

Honorable Mention: US Search

Just missing our top five list is a search company called US Search. Operated by Peopledata, this search service has a wide range of search options on their homepage including:

* People Search
* Revere Phone Lookup
* Email Search
* Social Network Search
* Property Records
* Criminal Records
* Background Check

US Search is popular due to its ease of use and affordability. The wide array of search options usually produce accurate results. The site also has excellent search speed that lets you get the info you need fast.

There are downsides, of course. US Search has weak, hard-to-reach customer service. Due to the limited help customer service can provide, you are essentially on your own learning about this platform. The search results do occasionally suffer from inaccuracies, however, and search results are not ordered chronologically.