5 of the Craziest Catfish Stories

The catfish is one of the most divisive figures in the dating community. Faking a user’s profile is a massive breach of trust and not always easy to hide. Here are five social media fakeouts almost too crazy to believe.

The Dead Return

Reddit user Homeskillybiscuit received a message from his late sister, who he had been told had died of cancer. He tried to help her with money for treatments but was abruptly informed of her passing and given an invitation to attend the funeral service. Unable to get time off from work, he mourned in his own way for a few years until she contacted him out of the blue.

It turned out that her father had asked her to cut ties with him, convincing her that her brother’s negativity would harm her recovery. He decided to cut ties with his sister after speaking with his partner about how best to handle it.

Courting the Internet’s Darkside

Redditor Thegaluise signed up for a dating site pretending to be a 15-year-old girl, thinking he could prank his friends. Soon after creating his profile, he was approached by several older men. He strung them along for quite some time, asking them to find gifts for him and to prepare for a party he was hosting.

Eventually, the messages were overwhelming and he had to shut the account down.

He said the experience taught him empathy for women on the web and made him re-think his own behavior on dating sites. No word on whether authorities were involved, but a reverse phone lookup would expose pedophiles like this almost immediately.

When You Are the Bait

Elke Critchley received a message from a friend telling her a girl on Tinder is using her photos to catfish men. Incredulous, she tried to search and realized the user had blocked her and her family from viewing any personal information. Eventually, she got others from work, and friends the user didn’t know about, to report this user.

When another man sent her a recently deleted photo, she had to explain that he was being catfished by that other girl. Some of her friends jumped in to provide him proof of the ruse. Heartbroken, he cut his relationship off. Critchley says she knows the catfisher is still active. Remember this basic internet security tip: keep social profiles private unless you have a reason not to.

Catfishing the Spouse

This one’s risky, and you can pluck any one of a number of stories from the web to illustrate it. Catfishing your spouse can lead you both down a dark path. Our advice? It’s a topic best left alone. If your spouse fails the test, both of you have a lot of explaining to do.

If you’re concerned about whether your spouse is cheating, there are less invasive ways to catch them.

Fatal Catfishing

Ty Underwood’s real name was Tyrone Lee Underwood, and she was transgender. She had a relationship with Carlton Ray Champion Jr. for weeks, until he discovered she had male genitalia. Champion fatally shot her, then attempted to arrange a car accident to try and cover up the murder.

Police unlocked Ty’s phone and found incriminating messages that put Champion behind bars, eligible for parole in 2045.