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5 Top Apps to Sell Stuff Online

Selling stuff on the web is a great way to get rid of anything you have that’s either unused or unwanted and make some extra money. Some people are even using auction sites like eBay as regular supplementary income. Of course, there’s an endless number of options to choose from to get any product imaginable onto the online marketplace. Anyone with a smartphone is only a few clicks away.

There are a few things to consider when picking an app to sell something. Much of it depends on if you would prefer to sell to somebody locally, or if you’re willing to look for buyers elsewhere and deal with all the factors and costs of shipping. Naturally, that will depend on what you are selling. Here are the top sites to sell specific items.

Best App to Sell Furniture

Letgo is probably the most popular app for selling anything locally that’s an alternative to Craigslist. You can list something on Letgo easily in less than five minutes. All you have to do is take a picture of the item, upload it, set the price and choose the category it best fits.

It’s ideal for selling furniture, and you can change the price and location of the item. It also gives you a way to share it on Facebook. Letgo provides a chat feature to interact with a potential buyer and discourages sellers from shipping to buyers. This helps you feel out the buyer and get a better idea of who you’re dealing with.

The listing shows the general location of the item so the buyer gets a good idea of how far it is from them, but doesn’t show an address to protect the seller. One fun feature of the app is that it lets you advertise the item by helping you create a commercial with a video template. Sellers choose the template, and the app does the rest for you.

Letgo doesn’t assist with disputes or get involved in refunds of any kind. The download is free, and sellers keep 100 percent of the sale.

Best App to Sell a Car

The best way to get the most money for a car is to sell it yourself and, obviously, it makes sense to post it online. Autolist is currently the top-rated app for car buyers and is how you will get your vehicle in front of the most buyers possible. The app works as a meta-search platform similar to Kayak, in which it automatically pools listings from all of the top online car buying sites like CarMax,, and Autotrader.

Buyers can search for any make or model, any year, in any zip code. They’re also shown the price history of the vehicle, how much it’s gone up or down, how long it’s been on the market, how the price compares to similar listings and the vehicle history. Users of the app also get price alerts if the price of a vehicle they’re interested in goes down.

Autolist makes the process of listing relatively easy for the seller. All you need to do is download the app (it’s free), upload pictures of your vehicle and fill out the requisite information.

Since cars are hot on the radar for many thieves, safety should always be at the forefront of your strategy to selling. It’s a good idea to talk to prospective buyers on the phone before arranging a time to show them your car. A great guide on ways to track a number and find out who called you can be read here.

Best App to Sell Electronics

Decluttr has become an extremely popular app and website that specializes in electronics. On this app, you can put your electronics on the online market for people on the same app looking for CDs, DVDs, games, game consoles and even textbooks. It’s also a popular site for buying and selling refurbished phones and tablets.

For less than $200, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 6 with a one-year warranty, in addition to Samsungs and all other major phones on the market. Used CDs and DVDs are as low as $3. Finding a title is as easy as putting it in a search bar and clicking. To sell a DVD, you enter the barcode for whatever you’re selling to find it in the Decluttr database. With the app, you scan the barcode with your phone to list the item.

Decluttr will pay for the shipping, and they pay you for the item the next day by either PayPal or direct deposit. You also have the option of getting a paper check by mail.

Best App to Sell Clothes

For making some extra cash from all the extra stuff in your wardrobe, Poshmark is certainly the app. Poshmark focuses on women’s clothing, but there are also plenty of clothes for men and kids.

Users create a virtual “closet” where they display items they’re trying to sell. Sellers can add up to four items. The seller uploads a picture of the item, writes a brief description, and lists a few other details including the brand, size, color, the original price and the listing price.

Poshmark provides you with a pre-paid and pre-addressed label once you sell the product. You can either drop it off at a USPS mailbox or schedule a free pickup at Poshmark will either pay you through direct deposit, or you can ask them to mail you a check.

Users find your item through either a search when they’re looking for something specific, or by browsing the listings of other “Poshers” they’re actively following. Poshers often find items from top designer brands like J. Crew, Michael Kors, and Coach for up to 70% off the retail price. You can pay for your purchase with a credit card or PayPal, or use credits you accumulate in your Poshmark account from previous sales.

Best App to Find Items

Why do people usually go to flea markets? Because they love to browse! The app Mercari launched in 2014 to great fanfare in Japan and quickly caught on. Shopping on the app is much like visiting a flea market, where you can find a vast variety of new and used items, as well as many that are handmade.

Sellers can upload as many as four photos, write a brief description, and answer a few basic questions, like the price, brand, and condition of the product. They must also indicate if they’ll pay for shipping. You can typically unload the item quicker if you offer to pay for it. Mercari will send you a FedEx or USPS shipping label after your listing has sold.

Offer Up and Being Careful

The OfferUp app deserves an honorable mention if you’re primarily interested in selling to buyers in the local area. It’s particularly popular for larger household items. The app is similar to Craigslist, but it lets buyers and sellers review and rate each other. This makes it a great option for sellers and buyers with security concerns because the rating system validates the person on the other end.

OfferUp offers an option called TruYou to help you validate your identity to boost confidence with other buyers and sellers. Users confirm their identity with their Facebook profile, a picture of their photo ID, along with a selfie. Buyers and sellers can also use online sources to quickly check the identity of another person on their own as well. Find out how in a helpful blog here.

The app is free, the seller keeps all the money from the sale, and there are no shipping costs because all transactions are made in person. The app encourages users to message each other through the app before arranging a transaction. The app shows the buyer the approximate location of where the item is being sold.

Remember, there are risks involved with selling to and buying from strangers, and you want to take every precaution there is to assure your safety. If you’re concerned about the safety of a neighborhood, or would simply like to know more about it, you can find that out in a helpful blog here.