6 Online Tools To Find Old Friends For Free

In today’s internet world of growing social networks, it is quite easy to find lost friends. In this information age, whoever you are searching for is bound to have some of their personalized information online. In fact, the conventional privy world is now an online world with free access to online public records, government databases, and social networks. So if you are searching for a long lost friend, or wish to do a background check, here are the 6 online tools you need to know to find old friends for free:

Social Networks

With over 1000 million members, social networking sites serve as a great place for you to reconnect with your old friends, classmates, co-workers, and it is also a wonderful platform for you to make new friends. Also, the odds are quite good that the friend you are looking for has created their profile in at least one of the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. YoName is another free site that helps to search through a list of 30 popular social networks including, Zorpia, Flickr, MySpace, and Imeem.

Spokeo is also a wonderful online tool that searches through a big list of social websites. It identifies things that are pretty difficult to find such as, hidden comments on Blogger, comments profiles or posts on Facebook, accounts on WebShots, Twitter, and more.

People Search Engines

CheckThem is considered to be one of the best free people search engines that allow you to lookup their social network profiles by username, phone number, full name, or email. Its results include web pages related to an individual’s name, public records, and social media profiles. It looks for the “deep web” using some proprietary identification resolution algorithm that shows profiles based on personal information, in order to help users search a person they are trying to locate. Furthermore, the record sources used by it include address history, phone records, professional licenses, resumes, patent records, criminal records, etc.


If you know where your old friend works, but you do not have his/her contact information, then tracing him/her by the organization can be your best option. Additionally, there are a plethora of free tools available for this. Jobster is a huge database of online job listings, where you can search for people not only by their name, but also within a specific company or certain industry. You can go through the database of people who have added their personal profile to Jobster in a hope of landing a good employment.

Global Alumni Site: is a website with over 5 million members from 1,00,000 organizations, college, and schools from all across the globe. The website has been online for about 16 years, and that is why there is a good chance that you can find out someone in its database. It is a 3 step process and the registration is absolutely free. The organization search can be made according to the country. You can then choose the right one from all the results that are shown. Instead of giving a college or school name, you can simply search for a particular keyword that is exclusive for your institution. Then you can search for the name, location, or organization.

Public Record Search

If you want to find an old friend for free, and also conduct a full background check on them, then you will need information such as driving record, criminal record check, child predator check, birth location, birthday, and residences over the past few years. CheckThem is considered to be one of the best websites for conducting free public record queries. With this site, you can identify a person’s exact current and past phone numbers and past addresses. Also, if you want a detailed report of their criminal history, small claims, relative’s addresses, then this website can be quite useful.

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Email Address Book

You can enter your mail address, and find out if any of your contacts are members of social networking site like Facebook. In addition to this, you can upload the contact file from Thunderbirds, Outlook Express, MS Outlook, or others.

When it comes straight down to you to find someone promptly, these tools can be extremely helpful. Also, sometimes you may need to learn certain details about the person, and once you have them, the volume of information that you can search online about a person is simply phenomenal.