A Look at the Best Background Check Companies

Everyone should be cautious about whom they decide to give their trust to. A person who seems great at a glance may be hiding dangerous and disturbing secrets. One way to avoid unpleasant surprises is by performing background checks on people whom you’re thinking about hiring, renting to, or forming any other sort of relationship with.

Here, we take a look at some of the best criminal background check companies. The companies may offer information that goes beyond criminal records, too.

For Employers

When you’re looking to hire someone, you want to know whether you can trust that person. Digging into their criminal history is key, especially if the job you’re hiring for will give the person access to financial resources or sensitive information.

Employers can turn to the following companies when they want to learn more about a candidate’s history:


Goodhire is fantastic for small businesses because you can purchase individual background checks; a monthly subscription isn’t required. The company can look into a person’s criminal background, but it does more. It will verify the person’s education, and it helps with drug testing as well. The customer service is top notch, and the company is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.


This service offers three different background check services so you can choose the one that is the best fit for your needs. The Basic package, which is the most affordable, offers the following: a social security number trace, a current county criminal courts search, a national criminal database search, and a national sex offender registry search. The Standard package includes all the perks of Basic plus a global watch search. The Premium package adds employment and education verification.


Another solid option, HireRight offers different background packages, a quick turnaround time on reports, and available add-ons.

GoodHire, AccurateNow, and HireRight are all FCRA compliant. This is important because if you use a background check service that isn’t compliant when you’re running an employment background check, you could face legal trouble.

For Landlords

Whether you’re managing someone else’s property or your own, it’s vital that you take measures to ensure that the people you rent your space to are trustworthy. A background check will look for evictions and credit history. Be sure to enlist the help of one of the following companies before you enter a contract with any tenant:


Cozy uses information from all three credit reporting agencies, but it does more. It offers a host of extra services to landlords, including online rental applications, free ACH rent collection, and property listing templates. There is also a section called Lordlordology, which is a great source of advice for folks who are new to being landlords.


SmartMove is owned by the credit reporting agency TransUnion, so it comes with a sturdy reputation that will give potential candidates confidence in you. It provides accurate criminal, eviction, and credit reports. It’s also affordable, which will appeal to potential candidates if you’re asking them to pay for their own background checks.

Best background check company

For Your Personal Information

When you’re entering a relationship with someone else, you should take steps to make sure you won’t become the victim of a violent or deceitful individual. You could always use a search engine like Google to find out some information about the person, but a search like that is likely to reveal only cursory information. The information might not even be accurate.

To protect yourself, you should turn to a professional background check company.


Checkthem is one of the best available background check companies. We offer the following:

  • Public records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Property records
  • Civil/lawsuit records
  • Employment records
  • License records
  • Police records
  • Criminal background checks

With Checkthem, you can find lost acquaintances, learn about new acquaintances, use reverse phone look up when you’re being harassed by an unknown caller, and more. Our blog also provides valuable advice and news on a wide range of topics, from how to be safe when you’re dating online to how to avoid common scams.

Using Checkthem can also save you a significant amount of time. Instead of going to your local county clerk to find information, you can let us do the searching for you. It’s a quick and reliable way to find the facts you need.

For Doing a Background Check on Yourself

When you are looking for a new apartment, thinking about buying a house, or searching for a new job, you can be prepared for the journey ahead of you if you know what information others will be looking at when they perform a background check on you. You will be able to formulate responses beforehand to any questions about red flags in your report.

Some people have even found that they have the same name and date of birth as someone who has an unappealing past. If you discover that is true in your case, you can explain that to any potential employer before they run a background check.

Checkthem is a great source to turn to for background checks on yourself, for all of the reasons mentioned in the previous section. You can also use some of the other services that are spotlighted in this article. For example, GoodHire has a service called True Me, which lets you look at exactly the same information that potential employers would see. If you notice something on your background check that isn’t accurate, you can use GoodHire’s dispute tools to get things sorted out even before you go in for your job interview.

If you’re not looking for a new job — for example, if you’re just trying to get into a new apartment or buy a new car — you can use other services to get the information you need. One of your credit card companies might even offer a free credit score.

Sometimes, it seems like background check companies are a dime a dozen. However, you shouldn’t settle for just any company. Each service has different specialties and offerings that can affect your experience and the information you receive. All of the above companies are solid choices for your background check needs.