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Arrest Warrant Search Online: 101

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Whether you’re hiring a new employee, someone to do work around your home, or renting to a new tenant, you can never be too careful. The world has changed, and you can no longer take people at their word. When someone has committed or been suspected of committing a crime, it’s not in their best interest to be honest.

This puts your safety and anyone else this person comes in contact with at risk. How do you know if someone that you work or associate with has an arrest warrant out for them?

What Is an Arrest Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable search and seizure. In order for the police to arrest an individual, they must have probable cause or be in possession of an active arrest warrant. But when a felony crime is committed out of view of a police officer or is procedural, like an unpaid traffic ticket, probable cause needs to be established for an arrest warrant.

To obtain an arrest warrant, a law enforcement official must submit an affidavit to a magistrate or judge. In this affidavit, the law enforcement official presents evidence for probable cause — why the person should be arrested. In most cases, at least two supporting instances of evidence are needed to request an arrest warrant. After reviewing the evidence, the judge decides whether to issue an arrest warrant.

Dictionary definition of the word Warrant

An arrest warrant specifies the:

  • Name of the individual that is to be arrested
  • Crime the individual is being charged with
  • Court jurisdiction that is issuing the arrest warrant
  • Restrictions on time or ways the police can perform the arrest
  • Bail that must be paid for release

There are different types of arrest warrants that can be issued through the courts that could show up in an arrest warrant lookup:

  • Criminal. A criminal arrest warrant is issued for when an arrest will be made after a crime has been committed. This crime could have been committed out of view of a police officer or the officer was unable to apprehend the suspect at the scene.
  • Civil. A civil arrest warrant is issued when an individual disobeys a court order. The reasons for this type of warrant could range from failure to pay child support to failure to appear in court when ordered.
  • Bench. Also known as an alias warrant, a bench warrant can be issued by a judge if you have missed a court date. There is no need to supply a judge with probable cause because the judiciary has the authority to demand people to appear in court.

Once an arrest warrant has been issued by a judge, the police have the permission they need to arrest an individual. This arrest could occur at their home, their place of employment, during a traffic stop, or anywhere they might be found.

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Conducting a State Arrest Warrant Search

When conducting a state arrest warrant search, you are limited to only results of arrest warrants for the state you are searching. You might not be getting the full picture of all criminal activity for the person you are looking up. Because arrest records are public record, you could request these records from a court clerk. However, you might need to visit several municipalities and counties to find the information you need, disclose your identity, and state your reason for seeking information. Your information could actually be kept as a part of public record. And after all the hassle, you might get the information you’re looking for.

While many states now make it possible to conduct an arrest warrant lookup online, it’s still not an ideal solution. When requesting records online, you are usually required to disclose your email address, which means giving up your right to anonymity. Your email address becomes a matter of public record, which could leave you open to being discovered. You may have the option to request records via mail, but that means filling out forms and waiting for a reply. Who wants to wait, especially when you’re concerned about your family or employees’ safety?

Unfortunately, some states specifically state on their websites that recent changes in the status of the outstanding warrants may not be noted. The search parameters used for state warrant searches are also limited, which could provide you with inaccurate results. Meanwhile, you’re likely to pay a fee for each search you request.

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Conducting a Federal Warrant Search

The Freedom of Information Act may be on your side, but it’s still difficult for the average person to get the criminal information they seek without assistance and in a timely manner. You can request a copy of your own background information, but you cannot request it for any other person without their written consent.

With, you have access to billions of federal, state, and county documents. And all you need to do is enter the first and last names, along with the state for the person you want to look up. Within a minute, you will be able to view their full report and determine whether you should hire that employee or contractor.

Using an arrest warrant lookup website like gives you the ability to look for arrest warrants and criminal information for all states and federal courts. This is a great advantage over trying to track them from municipalities or counties. Additionally, you can search for multiple states and obtain a complete picture of an individual’s criminal activities, including:

  • Arrest records
  • Criminal court records
  • Correction records
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Do You Have an Outstanding Warrant?

What if there’s an arrest warrant out for you? Imagine the embarrassment of being pulled over for a traffic violation and being arrested. All because the police see that there’s an outstanding arrest warrant for you. Or you could have a background check for a new job when the employer informs you that there is a warrant for your arrest. Perhaps you forgot to pay a traffic or parking ticket, or payment was never credited. Maybe you were never handed an actual ticket and it was mailed to the wrong address. You could be on the straight and narrow, but an arrest warrant could completely turn your world upside down. It could prevent you from getting the job you’re after, ruin your reputation, or worse yet, send you to jail.

There also is a rise in arrest warrants because of identity theft. If your identity has been stolen, the culprit could have committed a serious felony crime and used your name. An arrest warrant could be issued in your name and you might have no clue as to how you wound up in that position.

Running a criminal record check, including an arrest warrant lookup on can alert you to dangers and errors with your own information. Taking this step can save you and your family from embarrassment and help keep the people you are responsible for and care about safe.

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You Get What You Pay For

Jumping at an offer for a free criminal background scan might seem like a great idea at first. But free arrest warrant lookup services could cost you in the end. There are also all the extra fees that could be added before you can access information that might not be the information you really need. This is what people usually get when they depend on a free background check.

And you do not have to wait hours or days to get the arrest warrant information you are searching for. With, you get the information you need in about 60 seconds and for one monthly fee that allows you unlimited searches. You also avoid the hassles you might encounter with various states or locales that are not tethered to the federal government’s Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA applies only to federal agencies. State and local governments have different guidelines and can choose to limit your access to criminal records.

When accuracy is critical, do you want to take chances with inaccurate or outdated data? provides the most up-to-date and accurate information available with databases updated daily. Unlike some scam companies, all the services provides comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines. This is your assurance of accuracy and fairness.