Birthday Lookup: Find Someone’s Age

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Maybe you’re curious how old someone is, or you want to surprise them on their birthday. Wanting to find out someone’s birthday is a natural curiosity. It’s really a simple task, and there are plenty of options for doing it.

Free Ways to Find Someone’s Age

Surely you can go online, Google a person, or search Facebook or other social media networks to find someone’s age. But why not have a little fun with it in person? Many people feel awkward or self-conscious when asked about their age, so try playing a little birthday game.

Ask a person about their favorite birthday. What was a great memory they’ll never forget? Maybe they’ll tell you the year, or you can pry further and coax it out of them. Then it should be easy to do the math.

Another route is to start a general discussion about birthdays. Maybe say, “Man, I hate birthdays. They only remind me how old I’m getting.” That could lead to a “So, how old are you, by the way?” Either way, the other person is likely to at least offer their opinion and maybe reveal their age.

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Google Someone’s Name

Putting the person’s name in the Google search bar is bound to turn up many results. Their birthday will most likely be one of the first if the person has a gmail account. However, it probably won’t show the year the person was born.

Google will pull up links to social media profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can go to find the person’s age. Checking the person’s LinkedIn profile is a good way to determine their age. A typical LinkedIn profile shows the years someone worked at a company or served in a position. It almost always shows the schools they went to and what year they graduated from college or another postsecondary program.

To find detailed information from LinkedIn, you have to have an account. LinkedIn and Facebook will ask you to log in to look at someone’s profile.

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Facebook Search

Would you rather avoid the age discussion altogether and find out by yourself? Searching social media is a very effective way to do this. Facebook is the best place to start. Much of the world’s population has at least started a Facebook profile, so chances are the person in question has also.

Using the search box in the blue header bar is the first step in looking for anyone on Facebook. You can also use it to find groups, event pages, and things your friends have liked. When you type in the name of a person in the search box, Facebook will auto-complete the name as you type.

Facebook is assuming you’re trying to find a friend’s timeline when you’re typing in the search bar. If you’re looking for someone not on your friends list, you need to be sure you type in the full name. You can expand your search options by using the filters underneath the search bar.

The quickest way to find someone’s birth date on Facebook is to go to their profile and click on the “About” section. It’s very common for people to list their birthday, but not a year. But, they will likely list their high school and what year they graduated, so do the math from there.

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If the person has left out age-revealing info, look at their friends list. From their posts and message threads, you can probably get a good idea who they’re close to. Try shooting a message to one of their friends and ask them if they know the person’s birthday.

How to Find Someone on Facebook Without Logging In

There are a couple of options to find someone on Facebook without logging in. You can search for profile names on the Facebook Directory. The directory will show a list of names of the person you’re looking for.

Facebook also has a People Search on its official search page. A list of profile names will show matching the name of the person you typed into the search bar. You can add more details, like city or school.

You can also find Facebook profiles through the social media search engine Social Searcher. The search engine scans multiple social media networks to find the name of the person you’re searching for. The search results show the name of the social media profile and also pulls up their latest activity post.

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Online Age Calculators

Online age calculators give you a quick and easy option to determine someone’s age by their birth date. A very popular one is The age calculator page lets you put in the person’s birthday and the day you’re searching to determine their age. also has an age calculator. Enter a birthday and you instantly get their age. These types of websites are great for people who generally fear numbers.

Advanced People Searches

Another helpful option is a background check service like that can find endless information about people through a simple name search. CheckThem scans millions of public records to find information on anyone. The person’s birth date will be among the first things listed.

CheckThem’s people search tool pulls up a full profile that may include the person’s age, the person’s address, and names of spouses, parents, and siblings. These results appear in seconds when you enter a first and last name in the search bar. Profiles usually include any social media profiles linked to the person’s name as well.

Just Ask

It never hurts to simply ask “How old are you?” If you’re uncomfortable being that direct, ask the person first “How old do you think I am?” and then go from there. It really shouldn’t be a major issue. If it’s someone you really want to get to know, you’re going to find out anyway.