Ever Searched Yourself on This Website?

Ever googled yourself? What about a friend, celebrity, or neighbor? If so, you might be interested in this new website that takes google searches to the next level.

Did you know that more than 57% of people have searched themselves online? Most Americans are curious what information on them is available to the public. People aren’t only searching themselves either — they’ll often search friends, neighbors, or a new acquaintance to find out who they’re dealing with. Even Employers, although illegal, commonly search new candidates before interviewing them. “We see that HR departments are now secretly searching Google and Social Media to gain information about a prospective candidate. People are very sensitive who comes in their office.” says our Attorney James Kean. Face it: there’s no escaping the internet and your reputation is at risk.

Commonly called “Egosurfing” — the practice of an individual surfing the web for their own name — is becoming widespread phenomena. Worst of all, those of us who made a mistake when we were younger might be paying for it later (like getting that DUI). It’s no secret why people use Background Check services to see if their record is clean.

What can you do?

Search, search, search, then search some more.
Start by searching your name on Google. You can also search your phone number in Facebook which is a little trick I learned.

Run a Background Check on Yourself
Fortunately, there’s a deep search service that allows people to look up themselves. You can find anything from arrest records, past addresses, old e-mails and phone numbers, and court records of divorce and traffic tickets. You can find out what kind of assets someone has, or if they’ve ever gone bankrupt. Mary uses the service to keep her kids safe “When my son wants to have a sleepover, the first thing I do is run a background check on the parents. If they both pass the test, I allow it”.

Use a Public Records Search Service like CheckThem that does everything for you. It instantly gives you arrest records, traffic tickets, liens, court cases, past addresses, social media, phone numbers, dating profiles, and more. You can even take it one step further and search anyone — a celebrity, neighbor, relative, or any suspicious character. Find out if someone is hiding a troubled past from you. Try it — search yourself.