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Famous Celebrities Who Had Their Homes Broken Into

Celebrities take a lot of time away from home when they go on a shoot. Neighborhood crime isn’t confined to any one area, instead, crime goes where the opportunity is. Thieves may not even realize they are breaking into a celebrity’s home, they are just looking for the next big score from a property left unattended for too long.

Here are just a few of the many celebrity break-ins that have occurred recently.

Derek Fisher

The five-time Laker champion and former coach of the New York Knicks left his home early in the morning, and thieves gained entry through a side door shortly after. They made off with a reported $300,000 worth of stolen jewelry, including 5 championship rings.

Poor Derek!

Alanis Morissette

Best known for her album Jagged Little Pill, which contained some of the best breakup anthems of the 90s, Alanis Morissette recently lost over $2 million in jewelry. Morissette, much like Kim Kardashian, is well-known on Instagram for flaunting her vintage jewelry collection. Burglars broke into her home and forcibly removed a safe containing the valuables, even doing damage to the house.

Fortunately, Morrissette and her family were not home at the time of the theft.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner found fame with the Kardashians but has become her own personality since then. She was hosting a party at her mansion in LA when $200,000 of jewelry went missing, with guards posted no less. Jenner had left her home for approximately one hour and no witnesses were able to catch the thieves making off with the goods, which included a Rolex.

Yasiel Puig

While Yasiel Puig was with the Dodgers for spring training in Arizona, sharpening his skills for the coming season, professional thieves were putting their skills to the test. With Puig’s girlfriend’s father watching the home, burglars forced entry and stole a reported $500,000+ worth of goods, including several Rolex watches. Although the LAPD puts that estimate far lower.

The real shocker? Puig has been super nice about this whole thing, especially considering it happened to him twice in 2017. “It’s just money.”

Hilary Duff

Duff’s North Hills home was broken into while she was on vacation. She shared pictures of her and her son enjoying a trip to Canada on Instagram while her home was getting broken into.

Bonus: Famke Janssen

This one’s got a creepy twist. Famke Janssen came home in 2014 to find a copy of The Lonely Doll, a book about two toy friends who make an eerie promise to stay together, on her bed stand. Fearing a stalker, she reported it to the police. After a thorough search, they discovered a to-do list inside the book with Janssen’s name on it. This seemingly confirmed her ownership of the book, but she isn’t charged with falsifying a police report because she genuinely believes it was placed there.

So many questions linger on this one.

Final Thoughts

The common thread here is celebrities who leave their homes and fail to plan for security while they are gone. It’s clearly not enough to have a house sitter, as Puig’s case shows. We need to think comprehensively about home security, even thinking about our neighborhood and those around us.