How to Find Out Who Lives at an Address

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There are a number of reasons why you would want to find out who lives at an address. Maybe you’re noticing a lot of questionable activity going on there, or perhaps someone recently moved in and you want to invite them to a neighborhood function or other social event. You have a number of options to choose from to find out through the web and otherwise.

Online Resources to Find Property Information

There are many resources online that search public records to find out information on people, companies, and a multitude of other things. Many of these services specialize in properties and offer easy options to find out who lives at an address.

A search engine query of how to find out who lives at an address might turn up a service designed to help people wanting to know more about properties in their neighborhood. Finding details about an address, like current and past owners and property reports are available in public records. Public records hold general information about any given property, like square footage and last selling price, and the name of the owner.

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One of the easiest services to use is Checkthem’s Reverse Address Lookup . It is an easy route to find out who lives at an address.

Some online search results will show you information like the current home value and how long the current owner has held the deed to the property, but as far as a name who lives there, you may not get the full report you’re looking for. This is where you get bang for your buck with Checkthem. You can definitely expect a full report with a first and last name. In most cases, you will likely obtain a phone number as well.

CheckThem searches millions of county, state, and federal public records to find out information on a person, property, or other criteria.

When looking for a service to find out who lives at an address, you should make sure the service provides information on home value, residents living there, and on neighbors, if available. Some say they will identify sex offenders living in the neighborhood. Opting for this kind of service is a good idea to try if you want to determine how safe a neighborhood is, and whether it is a good place to buy a home.

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Using Government Resources to Find Out Who Lives at an Address

Your county government website has information available to the public on addresses in the county, including who is living at the addresses. Most counties have an online search tool that lets you find out property and owner information by typing in the address, and there’s no charge. Some are more particular than others on how you enter the information. You might have to enter in all caps, for example, or leave out any punctuation.

If you’re unable to find out who lives at the address through the county’s online search function, you can call the County Recorder of Deeds. The number should be on the county website. Call during business hours. Somebody at the office should be able to get you the information you need.

Reverse Address Lookup

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Finding out who lives at an address through doing a reverse address lookup is effective and will show up everything on public record about a person at an address. CheckThem’s Reverse Address Lookup is a thorough records search completed in seconds by simply typing the address in the search bar. Several points of interest show up in these reports.

You’ll find everything from names of the people living at the address to who their relatives are. Deeds, arrest records, marriage records, lien information, and bankruptcy information are among the things you’ll find out simply by using CheckThem’s Reverse Address Lookup.

It also has a special notification system that identifies any alerts associated with the neighborhood, particularly in regard to sex offenders living there. CheckThem searches billions of public records in the most recently updated databases to find sex offenders’ addresses registered with the law enforcement agency in the area.

CheckThem offers a trial subscription to run a full report for $1. This includes unlimited address check reports, unlimited background check reports, unlimited criminal and arrest records, and other services.

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Ask a Police Officer

Your local police or sheriff’s department has officers assigned to cover a specific area or neighborhood. If a certain house or address near you is on your radar because of safety or crime concerns, check with law enforcement. You might notice strange coming and goings frequently at the address, often in the middle of the night. Maybe you’re concerned with the safety of children living there.

In either case, look for the officer who patrols the area and ask them what they know about the address. They might be able to tell you who lives there, or at least tell you if there have been any arrest incidents or calls made to the address. You might try calling the local precinct and ask to speak to an officer who patrols the area. Your local police department should be more than willing to help.

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Pay a Visit

Before the days of the internet, people were forced to do things like finding out who lives at an address by doing their own investigation. There’s nothing wrong with knocking on the door and introducing yourself. It’s not like your soliciting or trying to sell something. Tell them you simply live nearby and you like to know who your neighbors are, and they’re welcome to come by your place anytime.

If you have another reason, just let them know. If it’s to buy the property, maybe they can help you out with some valuable information. In any case, you don’t have to be too specific. There’s many reasons you can come up with to explain why you’re inquiring on who’s living at the address.

You Know Who Lives There. What Next?

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Now that you know the name of a person living at an address, you have even more resources at your disposal to find out who they are. Search engines make this very easy. Try Checkthem’s People Search Tool and use their name to learn more history about them.

A number of things could turn up. You might find a news report that could be an award given to the person or maybe an arrest. More likely you’ll find a link to a social media page, like a Facebook profile.

Any existing social media profile should provide you with plenty of information about the person. Their personal information on their profile might verify their address or have contact information and show where they work. A quick review of their Friends list will give you a good idea of what kind of people they associate with. Political views and interests are often reflected in what they choose to “like.”

If you choose to use a background check service to find out who lives at an address, the work has already been done for you. The background check report, like one from CheckThem, will reveal the person’s age, parents, siblings, and other family information. It will also show any criminal records and if they’ve been convicted of any felony offenses. Whatever method you choose to find out who lives at an address largely depends on convenience, and if you want to spend any money.