How to Find Someone’s Address

When you want to track someone down, the White Pages might not offer the solution you need. People often move without leaving a forwarding address or listing their new addresses. In this case, you’ll have to get more creative to find someone’s address.

Why Would You Need Someone’s Address?

Maybe you’re searching for a long-lost relative, or perhaps you’re filling out an invitation list for an upcoming party, but you don’t know where everyone lives. Whatever the case, searching for someone’s address online has become much easier as technology becomes more advanced and more accurate searching possibilities become available.

You can also look for someone’s address if you want to stay away from that person. Maybe your last boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t treat you well, and you want to make sure you don’t have any contact with him or her. Another possibility is that you’re hoping to retire away from old colleagues.

Can You Find This Information For Free?

You might be able to track down an acquaintance for free. If the person you want to find has listed his or her information in local or national directories, you can find him or her that way. Unfortunately, many people have the same names and are even of similar ages.


Additionally, free online directories sometimes have outdated information. You don’t want to send an important letter or other communication to an address if it will reach the wrong party, especially if the information enclosed proves sensitive. Make sure you verify information through multiple sources before you rely on it.


How Do You Use a People Search Engine?

You don’t have to rely on Google exclusively to find someone’s address online. In fact, Google can turn up thousands of incorrect search results, which means you’ll spend hours sifting through the pages, hoping to strike gold. People search engines are built for one specific purpose: to find information about people on the internet.

These days, many people meet online and begin to date. A people search engine can help you 
investigate potential mates while dating online. You probably don’t want to get into a relationship with a sex offender or someone who is married. Records like these can help you make smart online dating choices.

You could also look up information on a loved one’s friends or anyone else who has caught your interest. Using people search engines can make your family safer and help you better choose the people with whom you and your loved ones associate.

Just make sure you’re using a reputable people search website, such as You can search for a person by name, then narrow down your search by state or leave your search open to the entire country. Once you complete your search, you can view the person’s new address as well as other information that might prove helpful.

Other Things You Can Find

People search engines bring up far more information than the person’s address. They pull information from public records and other sources to provide comprehensive reports. For instance, people search engines often reveal detailed information about a person’s past, such as the following:

  • Criminal background: Look for felonies, misdemeanors, and other brushes with the law that might make you wary of an individual. You can also learn if someone is registered as a sex offender or has any warrants issued for his or her arrest.
  • Phone numbers:You can call the person to make sure you have the correct address before you visit or send mail.
  • Social media:Learn about the person’s social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Property records:A people search engine doesn’t only reveal current addresses. You can also learn about the person’s past location history as well as any property records in his or her name.
  • Employment history:Find where the person works and about past employers.
  • Marriages and divorces:Learn about the person’s personal history with marriage and divorce.

The specific information that appears in a search report depends on the individual. For instance, if the person has never been charged with or convicted of a crime, you probably won’t find any criminal history.


Very few people can completely shield themselves from data on the internet, but a few manage to do just that. If you can’t find someone’s address using regular search engines, free directories, or people search engines, you might need to look for potential associates.

For instance, if you know the person’s ex-spouse, you can track down that person to ask about a current address. Look for colleagues, business associates, friends, and neighbors who might help you locate the person you wish to find. This process might take a little longer, but sometimes it constitutes the only option.

People search engines can come in handy for this back-door method. Use them to find people associated with the person you want to locate, then contact them to get more information.

A Word of Warning

Exercise caution when looking up people online. People search engines offer a major benefit: the searches remain entirely confidential. The person won’t know that you ran a background check on him or her, which can provide a cushion of safety when conducing internet searches.

Once you have an address, use it lawfully and safely. For instance, if you’re looking up a violent ex-partner, don’t send him or her any communications. Use the information for avoidance only. Additionally, don’t post the information you learn online. You could get in trouble if you violate a person’s right to privacy.

In most cases, however, you can find someone’s address and use it however you want. Send the person mail or visit him or her in person as long as your presence will be welcome.


The internet allows people to reconnect with old friends, get information on potential flames, and otherwise protect themselves. People search engines offer the ideal vehicle for finding someone’s address online, so give it a try the next time you want to know where someone lives.

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