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Idaho Inmate Search – Find Arrest Records in ID

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Finding someone who’s been incarcerated can be especially tough. Inmates can be moved, their sentencing can change, and even inmates themselves may not know where they will be from day to day. We have some tips on finding inmates. After all, finding people is what we do!

5 Ways to Find an Inmate

First, write down everything that you know about the person you are seeking. List their full name (including aliases), married names, variations, and nicknames; their last known addresses, relatives’ names, their date of birth, employers, groups and associations. Anything can be useful, especially if the person you are looking for has a common name. In that case, searching by name may not be enough to narrow down your results. Don’t know any of these things? Keep reading. You can use some of the following resources to find the information you will need.

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1. Idaho Department of Corrections

Once inmates are remanded to the custody of Idaho’s Department of Corrections and are fully processed, they are listed in a database of the state’s incarcerated persons. If you know the nature of a person’s offense, you can search by either “Offender Search” or “Sex Offender Search” criteria, which you can search here. This system requires that you know the inmate’s last name and/or IDOC identification number. If you are uncertain that you have the person’s legal name, you will find this system is very limited.

2. Idaho Public Records

The second place to start is with a search of Idaho’s public records. You can go online and conduct a county by county search on the various Idaho county websites if you know where the person was initially charged. This can give you an idea of when your inmate may have been jailed, what they were charged with and convicted of, and what their initial sentence was.

3. Idaho Warrant Records & Arrest Records

Another search option is the official Idaho State Records site that you can access here. Here you can order certified copies of Idaho’s marriage, divorce, death and birth records (useful if you aren’t sure of someone’s current legal name). You can also search paternity records, adoption records, and other health certificates here that can aid you in your search.

In Idaho, arrest and warrant records are maintained in separate databases by each of the state’s 44 individual county sheriff’s offices. So, knowing where someone lived can help you know where to start your online Idaho inmate search.

Search results on the Idaho offender search site provide the following information:

* The offender’s IDOC number or prison system identifier.
* The offender’s current age.
* The offender’s current status- released, paroled, probation, etc.
* If currently incarcerated, sometimes this system gives a current mailing address, physical location and phone number of the inmate, but not always.
* Sentencing information.
* Parole eligibility date, if any.
* Parole hearing dates.
* Sentence satisfaction date

If this system does not provide enough information, you can send a direct inquiry to the Idaho Department of Corrections. The search terms are limited to inquiries about applying money to an inmate’s account, mailing addresses and visitation regulations, probation & parole information, and sentencing. The disclaimer on the page indicates that the Department of Corrections receives a heavy volume of mail, so be aware that if you need information fast, this may not be the best avenue.

4.  Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections

Juvenile offenders are subject to legal protection and confidentiality laws that adult offenders are not. There is no provision for a public records search of juvenile offenders in Idaho, so if the subject of your search is a minor, you will not find any information publicly available. However, if you need general information about the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, facility addresses and the like, may prove helpful.

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5. Search Online with CheckThem

If searching for an inmate in Idaho sounds time-consuming and frustrating, that’s because it is. Inmates in Idaho are often moved without notice and are subject to transfers between facilities frequently as prison populations change. Overworked staff members have trouble keeping up with updating the Department of Corrections Databases, and the information that you find after weeks of searching on your own is frequently incomplete, out of date, or even just plain incorrect.

Relying on CheckThem, an affordable and thorough online records search can save you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration when you are seeking an Idaho inmate. You will get accurate, complete results, and a much more complete result than you can get on your own. That’s because we scan billions of federal, state, and local records, in addition to online records like social media, to get you the most complete and up to date information possible.

We have access to thousands of databases that are constantly being updated with the most current information possible, and our servers are fast, efficient, and thorough. Why waste hours and risk inaccurate results, when a simple and affordable search can locate your Idaho inmate in moments?

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