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Marriage Records Details Everyone Should Know

There may be different reasons why an individual would want to learn more about marriage records.Whether the person wants to learn more about the family, see who someone he/she is dating or married to, or if a person wants to know if the spouse has another life out there. This article will help people in knowing what to expect from marriage records.

Legal meaning

Marriage is a religious and a legal contract that is required by law to be stored safely. Even though it can be used to conduct census, it can also tell who the significant other is in-case a spouse is to become insolvent or incapacitated in a legal matter.

Marriage records are official government-issued documents that are there to create a legal union of a couple married in a lawful manner. The marriage certificate is the actual official document to prove that the union was performed by a person authorized to wed those people and that there was more than one person as a witness. Finally, the license is the document that authorizes the two individuals to marry. In case any of these records get lost through misplacement, moving, through disaster or any other reason, it is possible to recover these records, thanks to current technology.

Reasons why one may need to check records

Some of the issues that force many people to search for these documents are situations involving legal actions, such as civil law suits, extramarital affairs, and estate disputes, which require that the party is interested and he/she is not the bride or the groom to check marriage records. In instances where a court order is required, legal documents, fees, and forms will be involved. Most county municipalities allow general public to check marriage records for anyone, but for a fee. However, if one is unwilling to travel to pay these fees, there is an option much more convenient. records can be used to verify the legality of one marriage. Also, the records may be used for tax purposes, conjugal properties, and loan application as some institutions may ask for those records especially for kids. Some government agencies might ask for the presentation of these certificates as proof, should any of the involved parties seek to get a divorce or to marry someone else in the future.

Every county in every country is represented somewhere in public record databases online. In the past, one had to obtain a court order or contact a local bureau to get these records. A bride or groom had to fill out forms and present government issued identification to verify the identity. This was a daunting task that discouraged many.

Churches and the government usually keep records before documenting other life events. Whether a church or civil authority performed ceremony, law requires that marriage be recorded in civil records. Marriage has long been covenant made before public and has been recorded in many ways.

The records are, in most cases, stored by the town clerk or county in which the bride resides. However, some may be stored in the state’s archives and the more recent ones might be state’s division of vital records.

What to expect

There are some websites that allows an individual to search public records online. One can perform a search very easily and quickly. However, the unfortunate thing about this is that the information is not free. This is because the information that one gets will be limited to available info on the site or depending on what one expects to get. Most of the free sites provide the information they have, which is not much. While most of the paid sites offer more information without paying for the service, an individual may not get more than the couple’s names, when the union occurred, and maybe, the state in which it was conducted.

If an individual wanted to get more information, then one should expect to pay for what one expects to get. One can either contact the local authority to track the records or seek the service of an inclusive public record online archive. This option is quicker and more efficient than state or local authorities, especially if one has no idea where the couple was married. With these records, there are number of differences among states and counties. While some will provide the records for free, prices differ among those that charge.

In most cases, the site containing public records contain at least the date of the union and the names of the couple. This is what people should expect to find in all free sites. However, paying for the records can at times provide more information, like their children’s birthdays, properties shared, even the place where the couple got married, and if the couple is divorced, it will be possible to find the reason for their divorce.

As mentioned earlier, since the records recovery fees differ from one state to another, it is good to have as much information as possible because this will make it easier to track down what one expects to find. However, one can perform a search to find the person one is looking for and from there one can narrow the search.

One can draw the information online by simply typing the names and the place that the marriage took place. If one uses a good site it will be possible to find the information in a few seconds before being given the information for a small fee. It is good to use a website that gives the assurance as to the accuracy of their data because there are those that give outdated or inaccurate information.

Whether one intends to find records for genealogy, potential extramarital affairs, legal proceedings, or to simply investigate the person that one is dating, a records search can say a lot. All one needs to know is that the more information one needs the more money one has to spend.