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Kentucky Inmate Search – Find an Inmate in KY

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How to Find an Inmate in Kentucky

There are over 23,000 inmates in Kentucky’s state and federal prisons. Not only does the state rank in the top 10 for incarceration rates in the U.S., but it also experienced a 6.1% growth prisoners from 2015 to 2016 — the second highest in the nation (1). With such a large prison population, finding an inmate is challenging. Luckily, if you know where to look, the process becomes much easier. Follow this guide to complete your Kentucky inmate search successfully.

5 Ways to Complete Your Kentucky Inmate Search

The trickiest aspect of a Kentucky inmate search is knowing where to start. There are a variety of resources available to track down a person. In some cases, you may need to use multiple methods to complete the task. Use one or more of these seven tools to find the individual in question

1 – Kentucky Department of Corrections

The best place to start your inmate search is the Kentucky Department of Corrections. The system currently houses over 12,000 inmates so there is a high chance you’ll find the person in one of their locations. The DOC operates in the state:

* Bell County Forestry Camp
* Blackburn Correctional Complex
* Eastern KY Correctional Complex
* Green River Correctional Complex
* Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women
* Kentucky State Penitentiary
* Kentucky State Reformatory
* Little Sandy Correctional Complex
* Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
* Northpoint Training Center
* Roederer Correctional Complex
* Western KY Correctional Complex

kentucky court house
Kentucky Court House

It can take a lot of time to contact each location individually. Fortunately, the Kentucky DOC offers an online database for inmates in the system. Dubbed KOOL, you only need the most basic information to search the system, such as a person’s initials. KOOL also allows you to search by aliases. If you have more specific data, like an inmate ID, you can use the advanced search filters to narrow down the results.

After you enter the information you have, the KOOL search engine creates a list of potential matches that includes the inmate’s name, current location, their DOC number, and the 10 most recent charges against them. Most of the listings also include a photograph so that you can make sure you have a match.

It’s important to note that new prison residents may not be in the online system if they entered less than 120 days (about 4 months) ago. If you can’t locate the inmate through KOOL, contact the inmate records department at the central office in Frankfort at (502) 564-2433.

2 – Turn to Kentucky Public Records

Public records are another valuable resource when conducting a Kentucky inmate search. Many of these documents contain information needed to complete an accurate search, such as the person’s legal name or where they were sentenced. While the term covers a wide variety of document styles, some of the most common include:

* Court Records
* Arrest Records
* Census Information
* Property Records

To obtain Kentucky public records, you may need to use multiple government agencies. The state’s Court of Justice offers online access to criminal record reports and public court records. The report pulls information from all federal, state, and county courts in Kentucky and cover both misdemeanor and felony charges. However, the data does not include arrests. The agency also requires a $25 fee to access the information.

Accessing the state’s court records, on the other hand, is free. The search is completed through the CourtNet 2.0 system. To find a record, you need to search by either the case number or the party involved. For a case number search, you need both the case number and the location of the court. Or, to search by the inmate’s name, you need their last name and either their birth date or their first name.

One of the quickest ways to access all of the information available is with a background check. This service allows you to search all recorded public documents at once. The resulting information is shown as one report for easy viewing. For that reason, you’re likely to save time and avoid the frustration of using multiple websites to retrieve documents.

3 – Search Kentucky Vital Records

Vital records are technically a type of public record, but they’re typically more challenging to get hold of because of privacy laws. But they can be very helpful when tracking down valuable inmate information. Birth certificates are one of the most common types of vital records, but the category also includes marriage certificates and divorce decrees.

Kentucky’s Office of Vital Statistics has collected all vital records in the state since 1958, regardless of the county in which the event took place. Individuals can order copies of birth, marriage, and divorce certificates from the office by mail. However, the agency only provides certified copies, which are $6 for marriage and divorce certificates and $10 for birth certificates. There is also a wait time of up to one month.

4 – Try Kentucky County Records

Jefferson County Kentucky Badge

Since Kentucky county are included in its CourtNet 2.0 database, you likely won’t have to contact local governments for court record information. However, property records are largely maintained by county agencies in the state. You can access property data online in the following cities and counties by contacting the local property valuation administration:

* Boone County
* Lexington and Fayette County
* Hardin County
* Louisville and Jefferson County
* Kenton County
* Warren County

Additionally, you will need to go to the Kentucky county resources for vital records prior to 1958. To find these documents, contact the county clerk’s office in the area where the inmate was born, married, or filed for divorce.

5. Find a Kentucky Inmate With

While searching the Kentucky DOC’s database and visiting county clerk offices are helpful, these sources don’t always provide answers. In some situations, your best shot at finding an inmate is to use an online search tool, like

Our easy-to-use service does all of the work for you by searching through millions of public records in minutes. Once it’s complete, review the found documents for the information you need in your Kentucky inmate search. Don’t hesitate — begin your search by completing a background check today.