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Maryland Inmate Search – Free Jail Information

Maryland State Capital Building

With a population of only 6 million people, Maryland is a fairly small state. However, over 36,000 of its residents are incarcerated in jails and prisons (1). Trying to find one person in such a large prison population is an uphill battle in many cases. Follow this guide to successfully complete a Maryland inmate search without any hassle.

7 Ways to Complete a Maryland Inmate Search

The key to locating an offender is knowing where to look. Yet, in a state that houses both state and federal prisons as well as local jails, beginning the search is tricky. Fortunately, these seven methods reduce guesswork and simplify the process.

1. Search the Maryland Department of Corrections

In Maryland, the state prison system is run by the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS). The organization operates 24 facilities in the state, ranging from pre-trial holding centers to transitional living camps. With over 19,000 people in the system, the DPSCS system is an excellent place to start searching.

Minimum Security Prisons

The prison a person ends up in is based largely on the type of crime they committed. Non-violent offenders are usually sent to minimum security facilities. These five are the most populated locations:

* Baltimore City Correctional Center
* Brockbridge Correctional Facility
* Central Maryland Correctional Facility
* Dorsey Run Correctional Facility
* Eastern Correctional Institution

A non-violent inmate may also end up at a mental health facility or hospital run by the DPSCS.

Medium & Maximum Security Prisons

When an individual is convicted of a violent crime or poses a risk to other inmates, they’re housed at more secured institutions. The medium and maximum security prisons in Maryland include:

* Chesapeake Detention Facility (Maximum)
* Eastern Correctional Institution (Medium)
* Jessup Correctional Institution (Medium)
* MCI – Hagerstown (Medium)
* MCI – Jessup (Medium)
* North Branch Correctional Institution (Maximum)
* Roxbury Correctional Institution (Medium)
* Western Correctional Institution (Maximum)

These sites only house male offenders.

Female Inmates

There’s only one state prison designated solely for women: MCI – Women in Jessup. The Maryland facility houses female inmates at all security levels including pre-release. If you’re looking for a female offender, there’s a high chance they’re located at MCI – Women.

Inmate Search

Contacting each DPSCS facility takes quite a bit of time. Fortunately, the Division of Correction offers an online Maryland inmate search. The database allows you to look up a person by their first and last name entirely online.

2. Track a Maryland Inmate in the Federal Prison System

If a crime falls into federal jurisdiction, the offender usually ends up in a federally run facility. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) only runs one functioning prison in Maryland: FCI Cumberland The medium-security institution houses over 1,000 male inmates with 200 hundred more located at its minimum security satellite camp.

3. Review Maryland Public Records

Public records are incredibly helpful when tracking down a person. From voter registrations to a property deed, these documents provide information that you may need to complete your Maryland inmate search. The majority of public records are held at the local level, but there are state databases available for certain documents.

Online Search Engines

Searching multiple websites takes time and you’re likely to run into problems along the way. Luckily, online search engines, like, can pull all of the information at one time. This option allows you to find helpful details quicker than searching on your own.

4. Use Maryland Court Records & Arrest Records to Trace a Location

Annapolis Maryland Court House
Annapolis Maryland Court House

Case documents, including court and arrest records, cover a variety of important details, including sentencing locations. If you’re able to find out where the person you are searching for was originally sent after conviction, you’re one step close to their current location. Finding these details is as simple as searching the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. The online tool allows you to search by name or case number.

5. Research Maryland Vital Records

Vital records are another common source of valuable information in Maryland inmate searches. The term applies to certain public records, like birth certificates, marriage licenses, and adoption files. Since many other search methods require a person’s legal name and date of birth, vital records come in handy.

Accessing marriage licenses is a more common step because the information is public. While official copies are provided by the MDH, but you can locate the information at most county clerk offices. This method allows you to avoid both the fees and restrictions of certified copies. However, you need to know which county the marriage occurred first.

6. Access Maryland City & County Records

As mentioned, many of the most helpful documents are recorded at the county level. Additionally, most counties also have their own jails separate from the state and federal prisons. In fact, many inmates with short sentences serve their time at a city or county jail.

Montgomery County Court House
Montgomery County Court House

Some of the top county jails include:

* Anne Arundel County Jail
* Baltimore County Jail
* Cecil County Jail
* Montgomery County Jail
* Prince George’s County Jail
* Washington County Jail
* Worcester County Jail

Most of the local facilities offer online rosters. However, newly sentenced inmates may not yet appear on the list.

7. Skip the Hassle With

Online public record search services are designed to help you save time and avoid stress. At, we’re able to browse millions of public records at one time. The search is completed quickly and conveniently so that you don’t have to wait for the information you need. Begin your Maryland inmate search today with our efficient background check service.