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Montana Area Codes

Montana is one of the largest states by land mass, but smallest in terms of population. Mountain ranges dominate the western third of the state and agriculture makes up most of the economy. The name Montana comes from Montaña, a Spanish word.

There is currently only one Montana area code. Established in 1947, area code 406 covers the entire state including the larger cities of Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Helena and Butte. It also covers a staggering 56 counties and popular tourist destinations such as Glacier National Park, Little Bighorn Battlefield, National Monument and Yellowstone National Park. The area code is not expected to exhaust until sometime after 2019. Back in 2008. Google allowed SMS messages to be sent from Gmail, which utilizes the 406 area code. It is also used for Google Voice reply-to and callback numbers.

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