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Nevada Area Codes

Nevada, the “Battle Born” state, is a state in the Western, Mountain West, and Southwestern areas of the United States. Over 75% of residents live in Clark County, which includes the Las Vegas-Paradise Metropolitan Area. Tourism is the main employer, followed by mining. Nevada is the world’s fourth-largest producer of gold. The state’s name means “snow-covered” and comes from the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

There are currently 3 Nevada area codes. In 1947, area code 702 was established and covers the southeastern tip of the state, which includes Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite and Boulder City. It is comprised of just one county: Clark. It originally served the entire state. It wasn’t until 1998 that area code 775 was introduced to cover the rest of the state. It services Reno, Sparks, Elko and Carson City. Despite major growth within these areas of the state, 775 is not expected to exhaust until 2043. Most recently, overlay area code 725 was introduced in 2014 to service Clark County. Since it was implemented, 10-digit dialing is now required.

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