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New York Area Codes

New York is a northeastern state home to approximately 20 million people. Some refer to it as New York State, as a way of differentiating it from New York City, the most populous city in the country. In fact, the city represents over 40% of the entire population of the state. New York City is home to four out of the world’s 10 most visited landmarks.

There are currently 19 New York area codes, with 5 dating back to 1947. Perhaps the most famous is area code 212, which covers most of Manhattan. When it was first introduced, it originally covered all five boroughs of New York City. It is overlaid with area code 646, area code 332 and area code 917. Another one of the originals is area code 315, which is overlaid by area code 680. Both cover Syracuse, Utica, Watertown and north central areas of New York.

Area code 716 is another of the originals from 1947 and serves the western corner of the state, including Buffalo and Niagara Falls areas. The 2003 theatrical release of the movie Bruce Almighty included 776-2323 as the number somebody could supposedly call God with, although it was removed from subsequent releases. Area code 347 was created in 1999 and covers the rest of New York City (outside of Manhattan) and is overlaid with area code 718 and area code 929.

Also in 1947, area code 518 was rolled out and currently services Albany, Plattsburgh, Saratoga Springs and northeastern New York. Area code 838 serves as an overlay as of 2017. Several years after the North American Numbering Plan was introduced, area code 516 was introduced to service Nassau County. In 2001, area code 585 was created to service Rochester, Batavia, Wellsville and Western New York. Area code 207 services south central New York and Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Norwich and Bath. In 1999, area code 631 was introduced to service Suffolk County and is overlaid by area code 934. A year later, area code 845 was created to cover Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Newburgh, West Point, Goshen, and southeastern areas of the state. Finally, area code 914 was introduced in 1947 as one of the original and covers Westchester County.

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