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Ohio Area Codes

Ohio is a midwestern state ranked number 10 for population density. The name comes from the Iroquois word, ohi-yo, which means “great river.” The state’s nickname is “Buckeye State,” after the infamous buckeye trees. A total of six U.S. Presidents have come from the state of Ohio.

There were four Ohio area codes introduced in 1947. Area code 216 services Cleveland while area code 614 was introduced to service Columbus. Area code 419 services northwest and north central parts of Ohio including Toledo, Sandusky and Ashland. Overlay area code 567 shares this area (it was introduced in 2002). Also established in 1947, area code 513 covers Cincinnati and other southwest areas of the state. In 1996, area code 937 was established to cover the southwestern areas of Ohio including Springfield, Dayton and parts of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base that are public in addition to northern localities. Area code 330 which covers Akron, Canton Youngstown and Warren was introduced that same year (area code 234 serves as an overlay). In 1997, area code 740 and area code 220 were established to service the central and southeast portions of Ohio (excluding Columbus). That same year, area code 440 was rolled out and the service area focused on northeastern cities including parts of Cleveland. Most recently, area code 380 was established as an overlay that covers Columbus. Learn more about the prominent ones in the infographic below!

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