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Tips on Reconnecting With Old Classmates

The friendships people forge in their early years no doubt impact who they become as individuals. Friendships help form insights into human nature, develop instincts for communicating with other people and teach trust and handling disappointment. They’re also part of unforgettable memories.

There are many reasons you might want to find an old high school pal or reconnect with that unforgettable friend from elementary school. Whatever your reason, use the tips below to find even the most elusive person from your past.

Finding Old Friends from Elementary School

Reaching out to long lost pals is a common objective for many people, whether it’s a person trying to tie up some loose ends from their past, or a biographer working on a story.

There are a few ways to go about this, and websites you can utilize to find people. The quickest and easiest way is to try an online background check service, like CheckThem. CheckThem scans public records from all over the country to find any information obtainable through records including court, marriage, and business licenses associated with the name typed into the search engine.

Social media is also a reliable place to search. Chances are highly likely the person you’re looking for has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn account. If that doesn’t turn up anything, try starting an alumni group for your elementary school on Facebook. This will no doubt attract other former classmates who might have a few leads or be able to pass along a message to your friend.

If your friend is a female, there’s a chance the person is married with a surname. Another friend in your new network might be able to help you with some information in this instance. You can also turn to the Yelp bulletin board in your hometown. Post a message telling people you’re trying to reconnect with old elementary school friends. If you and your friend from elementary school went to the same high school, you can check the alumni page on the school’s website. There’s usually a website for each graduating class.

Reconnecting with Old High School Friends

Finding an old high school friend might be as easy making a general search engine query. By typing in their name, you might find some instant contact info, or maybe even a news or business story where the person is mentioned.

You might also find a link directly to their social media page. If not, you’ll have to turn to the most popular social media and networking sites yourself to see what you can come up with. If your friend has a very common name, chances are you will find several listings when searching on a site like Facebook.

You might also try browsing through the friend lists on the Facebook pages of some of your other former classmates that are easier to find. If that doesn’t turn up anything, you can always message your former classmates you do find on Facebook to see if they have any idea of where the person might be or have an idea of how to get a hold of them.

Again, you might find some information by visiting the alumni page for your class on your high school’s website. As was suggested previously, using a background check service like CheckThem will do all the legwork for you, and maybe find you a phone number in seconds.

Search People From My City

Facebook makes it easy to find people from your city who live where you are now. You start by clicking the “friends” icon to the left of your photos box. Then click on “Find Friends” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

On the next page, you will find a Hometown search box and a Current City search box. That will identify people from the hometown or current city you enter in each respective search box.

Simply scroll through the results and “add friend” for anyone you know, or wish to know. You can search by hometown, city you’re currently residing in, university, or by mutual friend or employer.

How to Find Old Friends

Sometimes finding an old friend can be a daunting task, if they’re the type of person who has shied away from social media. A Google search won’t be much help if they’ve changed their last name because of a marriage or divorce. Try to remember any family members of the person that you might be able to get in touch with or places the person worked. You might be surprised at the leads you can come up with by thinking about common acquaintances or places the person lived.

Starting a search to find and reconnect with an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time might be a little unnerving at first. However, the odds are it will totally be worth the effort and will be an amazing experience for the both of you.

If your regard for the person is to the extent that you’re trying to find them, it’s highly likely they miss you just as much and would be overjoyed to hear from you. Connections between people never really go away, regardless of the time that passes.

The Value of Old Friends

Getting in contact with an old friend could unlock some memories long forgotten. A newly revealed episode in your life could lead to a rush of nostalgia, and help you relive a joyous perspective you experienced growing up. There’s always a chance reconnecting might help you return to a younger, more optimistic version of yourself.

Finding real quality friends seems to get harder and more infrequent the older people get. People lose friends they truly care about for a number of reasons as they get older. The modern rites of passage like high school, college, and starting a career make it easy for people to forget about valuable friends, not to mention the ever-increasing distractions of mass communication in the information age.

Our old friends might have fallen by the wayside in our enthusiasm to find new social circles. You might surprise yourself and wonder why you lost that friend in the first place. It’s always a good time to rekindle a friendship if the person at one point or another in your life really meant something, and provided much needed emotional and spiritual support.