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Safeguarding Your Home While On Vacation

Are you going on a much anticipated vacation? There is nothing more wonderful than saying goodbye to all your worries and embarking on an escapade with loved ones. Bags packed, passports in hand and high expectations. Obviously you want your vacation to be as relaxing as possible.

In order to make sure that your holidays remain an affair to remember (in a good way of course) you have got to keep your home as secure as possible. Many problems could arise while you are away. An empty house is often an invitation for theft and vandalism.

There have been quite a few horror stories of people coming back home from vacations only to find their space vandalized. In fact, a recent act of vandalism has left a family completely shattered. The husband and wife decided to drop the kids off with family and go away on a romantic rendezvous, only to have their home destroyed. Their linens soiled, their valuables smashed to bits and the smell of bleach and acid so strong that their property is unfit to live in any more.

Burglaries happen in homes which are vacant. When owners are away on vacation, those carrying out the burglary are likely to be aware of it.You may think that something like this doesn’t happen very often, however a look at the following statistics would surely leave you wondering.

Every year more than 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported in the US The highest percentage of burglaries happen in residential areas Homes without any security systems have more than 300% chance of a break in.

That’s not all though. There are quite a few other things you have to keep in mind as well. The following are a few ways you can ensure the complete safety of your home:

Be smart and safeguard your home

Of course you are smart; you plan and think ahead. But have you wondered when people see a pile of mail accumulating on your doorstep or unpicked newspapers occupying your driveway for days? It’s a clear indication that you aren’t home. The trick is to simply hold off the mail and ask the newspaper guy to stop delivery for a few days. However if you have helpful neighbors you could ask them to pick your mail for you.

If you are an avid Facebook user you would love to update your status. Our advice is to keep mum about your plans. Wipe that horrific look off your face. After all, advertising that you are leaving for vacation is an open invitation for burglars to come and ransack your place. You never know who can view your statuses.

According to police officials, updating statuses on Facebook could increase the chance of your home being burglered. In fact announcing vacation plans is the number one reason for the recent break ins across the country. You can read more about this here.

Giving an impression about being home

Many savvy travelers know that leaving a light or two on by setting a timer gives an impression that there is someone at home. Similarly a timer can be set for your radio and television as well. These small things make a whole lot of difference.

If you have kids at home, leaving their bikes around in the yard gives off the same impression. A house which appears spick and span and without any signs of life is simply asking for trouble. Any changes, no matter how small they might be, are a clear indication of you being away from home.

Taking help from friends for safeguarding your home

Always let a close friend know that you would be travelling. If it’s possible, ask them to visit every few days to ensure that that everything is in order. Leaving your extra set of keys with someone you know would help keep your mind at ease. If you live in a cold place where your water faucets freeze when not in use, simply ask your friends to turn on the taps every now and then.

Pull the plug on all electrical appliances

Turn of all electrical appliances, except the ones you have put on the timer. Remember to turn off the gas lines. Keep an eye out for any bathroom leaks. If you plan to be away for more than a few weeks you could turn off the water supply as well.

Protecting your valuables

If you have expensive jewelry lying around at home make sure you put it in a safe. Besides, most people have expensive paintings and other antique pieces as well. Be careful when putting these items away. Enclose those in protective covering before dropping off to the safe.

You obviously can’t drop off everything at the safe, however police officials encourage people to register their valuables at This would ensure people are reunited with their stolen items, if recovered.

Inform security

If you have an alarm system at home, check if it’s working properly. Let the alarm company know you would be away for a few weeks. If there is security personnel in your neighborhood let them know that you would be away. This way you can make sure that your place stays well protected from intruders.

Hiding the spare key

The tradition of leaving the spare key under the flower pot is pretty old now. That’s the first place the burglar would look for. Remove your spare keys from hiding places and leave those keys with someone you can trust.

Keeping all these above mentioned things in mind would allow you travel without worrying about any mishaps back home.There are some companies which provide custom checks for your home while you are away. Although you do have to pay a lump sum for their services but you can rest assured that there is someone to care for your home.

Make sure that you take the necessary precautions before leaving for the holidays. For more information on safeguarding your homes check out this article.