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Top 10 Ways to Run an Indiana Inmate Search

Indiana State Capitol Building, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

In this article we will discuss how to run an inmate search in Indiana. There are a number of ways to find a person in custody in the state. Here are our easy recommendations.

1. Indiana State Inmate Search

There are a number of ways for finding a person in custody in Indiana. An easy way to start is by searching the offender database on the Department of Correction’s website. You can search by first and last name, or by the offender’s state-assigned number.

2. Federal Inmate Search

To find an inmate held at the federal prison in Terre Haute, you would want to use the inmate locator tool on the website of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. You can search by name or by their Bureau of Prisons (BOP) number. The website database has records of all prisoners taken into custody since 1982.

3. County Jail Inmate Search

The state of Indiana keeps records of all people that are being held in a county jail. The state government website allows you to find a jail inmate by using a name search. Having a date of birth on hand will help you get more direct results. To look for someone arrested in Marion County, you can search by booking number, state or county I.D., or ICE number.

4. Department  of Corrections Inmate Search

The Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) runs all of the state prisons and corrections facilities in the state. It is headquartered in Indianapolis. The DOC has an offender locator search on its website, and it also offers customer service to help you directly. You can call the department’s help line, email the state information center, or use the website’s live chat feature to contact a DOC service representative.

5. Indiana Public Records

One way to look for an inmate held in Indiana is to search public records. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do this. Indiana is a state that has made recent investments in moving all of its public records online for public access. Just about any public record related to arrests can be searched and accessed through the state government website.

Indiana Inmate Search at the State House
Indiana State House, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

6. Indiana Court Records Search

You can search all public court records on the website run by the Indiana Judicial Branch. It’s a database of all court cases from counties that are using Indiana’s Odyssey case management system. You can search by first and last name, birth date, case number, attorney, or business. Case information considered confidential will not be accessible.

Court records on a case are also available directly from the clerk’s office in the county where the case was filed. The court can provide you with a transcript from the hearing. Documents generally are not available online (Skip to #10 for an easy and fast method to find documents online).

7. Arrest Records

The best place to start looking for an arrest record is to contact a local law enforcement agency. You would start online by Googling an agency in the city or county where you believe the arrest took place. For example, you might search “Marion County Sheriff’s Office,” or “Muncie Police Department.”

You will usually find records on the agency website under categories like “services” or “records” in the drop-down menu. Law enforcement agencies sometimes charge a fee for a record or a copy of a report. A search fee can range from $5 to $60, or more.

Indiana provides information on all felony and misdemeanor arrests through a Limited Criminal History Report you can obtain by request. This report only contains information on arrests that happened in the state of Indiana. It does not include criminal history information from other states.

You will need a person’s name, date of birth, race, and gender to obtain a Limited Criminal History Report. A Social Security number and place of birth could also help you with your search results. Some counties might be better at providing information than others. Local levels of participation may vary.

You can get this report by filling out the information on the state website, or you can mail a request to the Indiana State Police. The state charges around $15 per record. A customer service representative is available through chat to help you access records.

8. Indiana Vital Records

You will have to contact the Indiana State Department of Health to get a certified copy of a vital record. The department manages and issues certified copies of vital records, i.e., birth and death certificates that happened in Indiana. Records date back to 1907.

You can request a certified copy of a vital record on the Department of Health’s website page. You must provide proof of relationship or interest related to the person on record. People eligible to obtain a copy are generally limited to relatives either by blood or legal means. Someone working on a genealogy project could also obtain a record, but the person on the certificate must be over 75 years of age.

Adult Correction Complex - Jeffersonville Indiana Clark County Jail
Correction Complex in Jeffersonville, Indiana

9. How To Request Public Records

You can find most public records through Indiana’s state government website. Other records dealing with more sensitive information, like those involving children, might require you to contact an agency. Indiana state law does not allow adoption records to be accessed online. For those records, you would have to contact the Department of Health.

10. Quick and Easy Way to Run an Inmate Search (Online)

If you don’t want to spend the effort and time to go through government agencies to find a public record, you can always use a service like

CheckThem scours millions of public records in a matter of seconds to find any information about a person that is on public record. It isn’t a bad idea to run a record check on yourself to see if there is any false information out there about you. It’s also a great way to find out if you’ve been a target of identity theft.