What Happened To My High School Sweetheart

Your first love will always have a special place in your heart. Good or bad, he or she sets the standard for all future romances. You’ll always remember the first kiss the two of you had, the first date, and the first movie. Sometimes it can be hard to move on because he or she really took a piece of your heart with them.

But sometimes you shouldn’t move on. Sometimes you need to go back and pick up where you left off.

Looking to reconnect with your high school sweetheart? Here’s what you do.

Step 1: Check If He or She Has Any Social Media Accounts

Maybe a no-brainer, maybe not. But before you go running back to your old haunts, check and see if he or she has any social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace are the top five you need to try. If they don’t pop up on any internal searches, it doesn’t mean your person isn’t on there.

They may have a weird name that they made up, or maybe they got married and divorced but didn’t bother to update their account. There are any number of ways they could be on these social media sites but appear as if they aren’t. Try searching for them by their high school and their graduation year. If that doesn’t work, look for friends and relatives of theirs to see if they’ve posted on their pages. You may feel like a voyeur doing this, but if you want to be a part of their life again, it’s a necessary step.

Step 2: Attend High School Reunions

Assuming one is coming up, definitely attend. You never know, you might get lucky! If they don’t show up, coyly ask around. Chances are there is at least one person there at the reunion who knows where he or she is. Ask his or her friends, and if the teachers happen to be there, ask them, too. It’s unlikely any teachers will attend a reunion, so instead try finding who you know is their favorite teacher on Facebook. Sometimes, teachers retain connections with some of their students.

Yes, it’s a shot in the dark, but one worth taking if the trail is cold.

Step 3: Google His or Her Full Name

To do this right, you’re going to want to include his or her full name in quotation marks. This way Google won’t give you results that only partially match your search query.

First, check the whole web. His or her name might appear at whatever job they’re working at, or it might appear at the college they attended (if you didn’t know what college they attended prior to your search, you might want to have another go with social media searches). There are any number of ways his or her name might appear on the web.

Next, try Google Images. You know what your person looks like, and will likely be able to spot them regardless of whatever changes Father Time has taken. Be patient with this one. There are a lot of people in the world with the exact same name as your high school sweetheart. Grab a cup of Joe and get comfy.

Step 4: Go Back to Their Parents’ House

This one definitely takes chutzpah, but if you really want to reunite with your high school sweetheart then you might as well let the whole world know.

Don’t pretend like you can’t remember where you used to pick your former love up. If needed, you could likely direct someone else to their parents’ house blindfolded. If not, there are ways to figure it out.

So hopefully his or her parents haven’t moved. If they’re still right where you left them, come right out and ask where he or she is. Start by leaving your number and email with them and asking for them to forward it to your old flame. They’ll probably just laugh it off and give you your sweetheart’s information right then and there. If not, then you’ll just have to trust that they’re going to pass along your information. Parents are nosy and love for any reason to contact their children, so if you don’t get any contact information that night, it’s a safe bet that your information was at least forwarded.

If you go through with this step, sit and wait. Let a few weeks go by without stressing or worrying that you’re not wanted. If a month goes by, consider going back to the parents’ house and asking if they were able to forward your contact information. You never know. It’s possible they may have just forgotten or were unable to reach them.

Step 5: Perform a Background Search with CheckThem

You hopefully know the parents’ names, and you obviously know your person’s full name. Say what state you’re looking in and run a check. You’ll be given a list of people with the same name with people they are known to be related to or interact with underneath. The ball is now in your court. You have to choose the right Jane/John Doe.

To get a comprehensive search will cost a couple of dollars, but it’s well worth the wait. Using this service, however, will not tell you your person’s employment history, nor will it tell you their credit score or history. With CheckThem, though, you can see such things as:

  • If they have a criminal history
  • If they are married/ divorced
  • A list of places they have lived
  • What neighbors they’ve had
  • Whether they are on dating websites
  • What schools they’ve attended

When you use CheckThem, make sure you’re ready to see whatever information comes up. You may find that they’ve married and are still currently with that person, or you may find that things have taken a turn for the worst and they aren’t the person you once knew.

If nothing else, CheckThem will at least illuminate what next steps need to be taken. You might need to move on, or you might have a road trip in your future.