What is the Best Website to Find People?

Have you ever needed to locate someone? You probably have, and sometimes that search can be frustrating. Long-lost friends, new flings, people you met at professional events, and even criminals can be difficult to track down if you don’t know which websites to visit. The best site with to find someone for your purposes depends on how you know the person, what information you have, and what you’re hoping to find. A search for professional information or a current city is very different from a background check or a search for someone’s divorce history.

Local or County Police Station Online Records

To get police reports, arrest records, and inmate records, try your local police and sheriff’s station websites. Most of these sites have at least an inmate search feature, which allows you to get information on the people currently in prison. To find someone specific, you need their name, though some of these sites have browse features for the most recently incarcerated. If it’s a common name, you might also need the inmate number, the date of birth, or another identifying feature.

Many of these sites also allow you to look up someone’s arrest history and any charges currently against them. In many instances, the person’s mug shot appears in the records, too. Though many county databases are free, some require you to pay a fee or visit the office in person. Some of them have wanted lists posted, too, which can be helpful if you’re dealing with a mysteriously disappearing person. You’ll have to visit the specific websites to get more information.


When you want to get detailed information about someone, CheckThem is your go-to resource. This site gives you lots of background check options, including things like contact information, criminal records, and more. To use CheckThem to find a person, having their name is very helpful. You can search for that person in all states or one state, depending on if you know where the person you’re trying to find lives.

When you’re trying to find someone and you don’t have the person’s name, you’re not out of luck. If you’ve got a phone number, CheckThem has reverse phone number look-up capabilities. Use these if you’re trying to figure out who’s contacting you via a dating site, the random phone number that’s been calling, or where an unknown number has called from.

Got a property address? You can also get information about that property, including who owns it. Other information you can gather includes mortgages, deeds, liens, and the address history.


It might seem elementary, but a Facebook search can reveal considerable information about someone. If you have just a name, Facebook is a fantastic way to find a person, as long as the name isn’t too common. When someone’s name is very common, having a location or a workplace to search helps narrow the results. Of course, pictures popping up next to the names helps when trying to find people.

When you only have someone’s first name, Facebook can still be a helpful tool. Have a friend who knows the person you’re looking for? Search through their Facebook friends for the person’s first name and nicknames.

Facebook can also help you figure out who owns a phone number. If someone has their phone number listed as public on Facebook, you can search the number and the person will pop up. However, this isn’t the best reverse phone number look-up tactic, since people can set their phone numbers to private very easily on Facebook. In that case, no results will turn up for the phone number you’re searching.


Did you meet someone at a networking event but only got their first name and the company they work for? LinkedIn is a helpful search engine when you have professional details about someone. Try searching keywords with someone’s name and location to find the professional you’re looking for in your area. Many LinkedIn profiles have pictures, which is another way to ensure you’ve found the right person.

If you’re looking for a former colleague you’ve lost touch with, LinkedIn is the perfect way to track that person down. Because most people list their work history on their LinkedIn profiles, that former colleague will probably turn up in a search if you put in the company you used to work for and your long-lost friend’s name. Depending on how complete someone’s profile is, you might even be able to find them based on volunteering gigs, certifications, and schools attended.

Google Image Search

One of the most difficult ways to search for people is using images. If you’ve met someone on an online dating site, and all you have is a username and a bunch of photos, your search options can be very limited. However, you do have one option available to you: Save those images, and Google them.

Google will let you upload images and do a free reverse image look-up. Many people use the same photos on dating profiles that they use in social media profiles, so the reverse image search could very well turn up a Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media account.

Reverse image searches can also help uncover catfish. If a person has stolen photos from a model’s Instagram, for instance, Google image search will reveal that information. You might have to do a little digging into the social media profiles that turn up to determine if you’re actually talking to that person, but now you have a name and more information to work with.

When you know which website to use, your people searches become much simpler. Identifying what information you hope to find and how you can use the information you already have will help you decide how to proceed with your person search. While you can always turn to free sites, paying for an in-depth search is sometimes very helpful, especially if you want to do business with someone or you met them on an online dating site. It’s always better to know who you’re talking to.

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