Who is Your Boyfriend Texting?

Has your boyfriend been acting weird lately? Are strange numbers or unknown contacts popping up on his phone? Nobody wants to mistrust their honey, but sometimes you feel suspicious for a reason. Find out if your boyfriend has been texting the buddies and family members he claims are on the other end of those messages or if it’s another woman on the side.

Numbers Without Names Show Up

The names that flashed across your boyfriend’s phone screen used to be his friends, his mom, and his coworkers. They were saved in his phone, and he had no problem if you happened to see the screen when the phone beeped. He never had the messages hidden from the lock screen, so you could see when mom texted “I love you, honey,” or when a friend invited him out for a basketball game.

Now, though, unknown numbers are flashing across that screen, and he’s changed his phone settings. It just says he has a text message from that number, but the beginning of the message no longer shows on the lock screen. Why would he keep getting texts from a number he hasn’t saved? The answer isn’t necessarily infidelity. It might be a coworker or acquaintance he doesn’t intend to be in contact with for long. He might be lazy about updating his contacts. But if you’re feeling suspicious, you’re not necessarily wrong, either.

He Becomes Secretive and Possessive About His Phone

Some people are always secretive about their phones. For the most part, people who have nothing to hide don’t act like they have secrets. While couples don’t have to share everything, like Facebook passwords, he shouldn’t have anything to hide from you on his phone. If you happen to glance over when the phone buzzes (and let’s be honest, that’s an instinct almost everyone has) and he suddenly snatches the phone away from your gaze, that’s not a good sign.

Other signs include always having his phone on him when he used to leave it on the table or the charger. Or, facing away from you when he opens the screen and starts typing. Conversely, if he used to check his phone in front of you with no problem but now decidedly ignores it until he’s alone, he also might be hiding something.

It Takes Him Forever to Text or Call You Back

Everyone goes through busy periods at work when it becomes difficult or impossible to respond to texts and calls for a few hours. But if it takes your boyfriend forever to answer your texts and calls on a consistent basis, it could be because he’s texting someone else and isn’t even looking at the other messages he’s receiving.

Other signs include staying late at work and forgetting to let you know or saying he’ll call or text but not doing it. He might genuinely be so swamped at work that he hasn’t looked at his phone for hours, or he could be texting someone else while sitting at his desk after everyone else has gone home. His behavior plus your instincts will help you figure out what’s going on.

He Pays More Attention to His Phone Than He Does to You

At the beginning of a relationship, people are all about each other. Phones get forgotten for hours during emotional and physical intimacy. Eventually, real life catches up, and the relationship becomes more comfortable. Phones become important again because we all have others we need to contact, whether they be friends, bosses, or family members.

However, your boyfriend still should be paying more attention to you than he does to his phone. Reading an article online, texting with a buddy, or checking his work email are all normal activities, but they shouldn’t take hours. Especially not if you’ve asked your boyfriend for some attention or alone time and he doesn’t put his phone away. If he can’t even look up from his phone at dinner or prefers to sit in front of the TV, ostensibly watching a show while glued to his phone the whole time, that’s a bit suspicious.

Discover If It’s Infidelity With Reverse Phone Lookup

People say the internet makes infidelity easier, and that might be true. But the internet also makes catching cheaters easier, because you have background check tools such as reverse phone lookup that unravel the mysteries surrounding your boyfriend’s phone. Remember: Start by asking him who he’s talking to. It’s always good to begin with honesty, even if you suspect him of infidelity. The answer might surprise you, and you’d hate to have snooped through his phone when he was contacting a jeweler about an engagement ring, for example.

If he’s not honest, though, take the next step and do your own digging. You have to start by being stealthy, because you’re going to need the number or numbers he’s been texting. You might need to wait until he’s not paying attention and glance at the number that pops up on the phone screen or even wait until he’s asleep to grab that phone number. Once you have it, you can get the answers you’re looking for.

Reverse phone lookups will give you the name, age, location, and history of the person who owns the phone number. You can also use other background check tools to look into the people you find. Discover social media profiles, arrest records, and job information. It all starts with that reverse phone (or text) lookup technology. We’re not saying you’ll find that he’s been cheating, but isn’t it better to know?

If your boyfriend is showing signs of unfaithfulness, you deserve honesty. Nobody should have to put up with a cheater, especially because infidelity can put you at risk of emotional damage. If you feel suspicious, your instincts are probably buzzing for a reason, especially if this behavior has never been in character before. Suspecting him doesn’t feel good, but having the truth will, one way or the other, give you the peace you’re looking for.