1. What is included in a background check?

A background check consists of:

  • Contact information such as full name, age, address history,
  • Family and Relatives
  • Employment Records
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Phone Numbers and History
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Professional Reference Records/ Licenses and Permits
  • Property Records and Assessments
  • Civil and Lawsuit Records
  • Criminal Background Information
  • Social media accounts, Photos, Etc.
  • Public Records
  • Business Associates and Neighbors
  • Much more...

2. How long does it take to see the results of a background check?

We should you results online, instantly.

3. Do your services help to find people only? Can I track down a company or an organization?

The services CheckThem provides help to find people by searching public records. This means customers can find organizations and companies related to a person, but cannot search for a specific company or organization at this time..

4. Can background checks be wrong?

Checkthem is committed to providing accurate and up to date results, which is why information databases are updated daily. However, sometimes mistakes do occur. If users have doubts about the correctness of the information provided, they should inform us immediately. CheckThem conducts a second investigation for free.

5. Can I get information about employment, tenant screening, or otehr credit-related matters?

Our services are not available for employment or tenant screening of any kind. Please review our Terms and Conditions for details.

6. What does a criminal and arrest background check show?

The criminal and arrest background checks show suspected criminal records and police arrests. These include:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Infractions
  • Police arrests
  • Sex offender crimes
  • Warrants
  • Other criminal convictions

7. Are people aware that I’m searching for them?

No, Checkthem treats your personal information with confidentiality and your searches are private. Your searches are always anonymous.

8. Are these services legal? Do they violate the rights of personal privacy?

Our services are in compliance FCRA guidelines. We are committed to protecting your right to privacy. Please review our terms and conditions and privacy policy for additional information..

9. Do your screening services include information from all states?

Yes, CheckThem includes information from all States within America.

10. Can I get information about a deceased person?

Yes, you can obtain public records of deceased people.

11. Can I view your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Absolutely! Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links are available on the bottom of all our pages.

Other Questions? Contact Us!

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