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CheckThem enables you to find people in an easy and convenient manner. Simply enter the name and state of the individual you are trying to find and we’ll search our vast database containing billions of records to deliver the most accurate information. Want to locate an old friend or a family member you have lost touch with? Do you feel the need to do some research on your neighbors? Maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about somebody so you can begin building trust. There are many reasons why people turn to us to help them find someone, but here are just a few of the most popular ones:

  • Search personal information
    Find phone numbers, address history as well as e-mail addresses and social media profiles.
  • Reconnect with family and friends
    It’s never been easier to find long-lost friends, family members and relatives!
  • Search a significant other
    Gain peace of mind by searching someone’s past in order to know them better.
  • Discover your neighbors
    Protect your loved ones by researching the people who live in your neighborhood.
  • Review marriage and divorce records
    Browse nationwide records to find relevant marriage and divorce information without having to visit a courthouse.
  • View employment history
    Learn more about business associates so you can build trust and benefit your professional life.
  • Browse civil/lawsuit records
    Review court cases, lawsuits, civil records and more in one spot with ease.
  • Find license records
    See accurate licensing information within our national deep search.
  • Just out of curiosity
    Find net worth info, online profiles, information about celebrities or public figures and more!
  • Search yourself
    Think of it as looking in the mirror. Get a better idea of how people see you online.

These are just some of the ways satisfied customers use our popular service. Gone are the days when an individual had to find a local courthouse, track down a clerk and make a laborious attempt to retrieve information via public records. We have information and data from every court, which would be impossible to manually search on your own. Our directory is constantly updating, so you can be assured you are getting the most relevant information available.

We aim to keep good people informed at all times, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Get the Information You Need, Quickly

The CheckThem Name directory organizes information in an intuitive manner so you can save time and get results. Browse billions of public records in seconds using our proprietary “deep search” that scans State, Federal and County databases. Simply enter the name and state and within seconds you’ll be able to view the full report online – it doesn’t get easier!

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