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Our advanced Property Records Search is designed to help you find the information and data on any residence or business. Get ownership information, address history, contact information, mortgages, liens, deeds, and much more...

How does it work?

Our property records database is updated daily to provide accurate results. Simply enter an address and we will look through billions of records to find. Here is just some of the information at your fingertips:

  • Property Records Data
    Find information including bankruptcy records, evictions, judgments, liens, license/permits and more...
  • Location Description
    Gain a better understanding of the city or neighborhood history for each address.
  • Ownership History
    See who the owner or renter was and how long they lived at the location in question.
  • Transactions
    View relevant financial information including sales history, foreclosures, mortgages and deeds.
  • Assessments
    Browse land value, improvements value, total value and much more!
  • Photos / satellite and map images
    See the location remotely without having to go anywhere.
  • Taxable Value Information
    Get a complete tax history and learn more about the value of the property.
  • Benefits for Home Buyers
    Buying a new home? CheckThem suggests doing a property search to protect yourself. Find out about property taxes, permits and licenses, the official size of your property, and more.
  • Benefits for Real Estate Investors
    Investing in real estate? Don't get caught blind sided. Our property search can return foreclosures, tax records, maps and satellite pictures, building permits and uses, and much more...

In the past, people would need to visit their local property assessor to research property records. This process was tedious and time consuming. Today, there is CheckThem, a public records search resource like none other. Our online property records search is easy and fast. Simply enter the address you want to research and we'll do the work for you. Within seconds, you’ll receive all of the relevant data you need.

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